I am a relentless learner, and a big fan of online courses offered by the likes of Udacity, Coursera or Stanford.

In 2016 I made a Data Analyst Udacity Nanodegree. This course, created in collaboration with Facebook and MongoDB, consisted of online lectures and hands-on supervised projects in various topics, including data wrangling (SQL and MongoDB), data visualization (HTML/CSS, d3.js, intro to JavaScript) or A/B testing.

In 2017 I made the famous Andrew Ng’s Machine Learning course (Coursera / Stanford Online). The practical exercises for this course are written in Matlab, but I also re-wrote most of the scripts in Python (available from GitHub).

I have also recently taken other free courses, such as the Deep Learning (by Google/Udacity), or the excellent Prof. Gilbert Strang’s (MIT) take on linear algebra (video lectures from 1999!).