Hierarchical cluster analysis of XE genes
Heatmap of microrray expression data of XE genes
Shift in methylation and gene expression in hybrids
Maternal and paternal-specific expression of XE genes
Individual gene expression across a hybrid genetic landscape

Genomics and quantitative genetics

Genome-wide association study of paternal modifiers of seed development
Bayesian estimates for the localization of quantitative trait loci affecting seed development
Bulk-Seq method to map genetic modifiers using next-generation sequencing

Evolution and phylogenetics

Evolution of bHLH proteins
Alignment and definition of RSL protein domain
Evolution of imprinting in animals and plants

Other stuff

(mostly from online courses)

Relationship between ‘Vinho Verde’ wine quality and alcohol content
‘Vinho Verde’ wine sweetness vs density
Visualizing delays in US flights with D3.js
Bakeries in Lisbon (SQL on OpenStreetMap data)
Principal component analysis of ‘Vinho Verde’
Visualization of Titanic passenger data with Python/Seaborn


Interactive generation of Euler and Venn diagrams
Introduction to Venn and Euler diagrams and FAQ